"Thanks to Chelsea for giving me the opportunity to play for them and win so many major trophies. But after seven seasons [in the Premier League], I had in my mind that I needed a change; I needed a new challenge and something that really excited me. Something that gives me the passion I need to play football. Obviously, I could see how the season in Chelsea was going to be. They signed a new striker that was expecting to play, and I need to feel the-… you know this feeling of being important, and something new. As I said before, when I had the call from AC Milan, it was everything I needed - very passionate supporters and a great club in a situation where you have to risk everything; Milan has to go back to the top three position in the table. I need to feel happy to play football again, to score goals, to be an important part in a team again. And so it was perfect for me. It was, honestly, in the last forty eight hours of the market so everything was so quick. But, at the end, I could come here; it’s what I really wanted. Thanks again to Chelsea and to Liverpool for the opportunity to play in England, but it’s the past. It’s a chapter closed. Now I want to start a new one; an exciting one. And, as I said before, I’m really really looking forward to start training with the squad. To play my first game. I know I’m only… can see or only want to see nice things coming in these few seasons with AC Milan. So… really happy to be here. Today starts a new chapter of my career and hopefully I can mix everything I had in the past - between Athletico, Liverpool and Chelsea - to a big maze, to be happy and score goals, win trophies and do what I wanted to at them all: just be happy and enjoy playing football.” (x)

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Erik Durm, one of five football world champions in the squad of eight-time German champions Borussia Dortmund, has extended his contract with BVB early this week. The 22-year-old full-back, who was already tied up in 2017 to Borussia Dortmund, now signed a valid contract until 30 June 2019.

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108 games. 23 goals. World Champion. Captain

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"Bastian is the new Captain, and Manuel, Sami, Mats and Thomas are the player council." - Joachim löw

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  • erik durm to fangirls: sexy, knows he's hot, must be incredibly great in bed
  • erik durm in real life: devout christian, incredibly shy, humble, can cook

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“I am impressed that people have the imagination to invent something like that.”

Robin van Persie on the rumours concerning his knee surgery. (via manutd-daily)

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Torres, Nora & Leo ♥

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