'Hermann, Hermann. We've always had two outstanding players, CBs.
But Badstuber is better. He’s the best player I’ve ever had.’
-  Pep Guardiola [x]

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Characters in Season 2: Roman Godfrey

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favorite characters → roman godfrey (hemlock grove) 
     "I’m an ugly person… I have an ugliness that’s impossible to love."

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“We texted back and forth a few times but I’m gonna see them again soon, so I’ll leave them alone for now. They’re on holiday and they deserve to get their asses licked for a couple of days.”

Holger Badstuber about his German NT colleagues (via coulditbemagic)

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the world cup is officially over and i can say robin van persie had the best goal of the tournament 






fucking iconic

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One week agoGermany Champion of the World Cup 2014 - 13.07.14

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